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The International Testing Agency (ITA) is pleased to communicate its 2023 operational figures, which provide a comprehensive overview of the organisation’s activities in promoting clean sport. Throughout the past year, the ITA has led independent anti-doping initiatives for over 65 International Sport Federations and Major Event Organisers. This has resulted in the collection of more than 40,000 samples from over 15,000 athletes. Additionally, the ITA independently evaluated, investigated, and processed 485 potential anti-doping rule violations. These significant operational figures affirm the ITA's status as the world's largest organisation dedicated to implementing clean sport activities on an international scale.

The dedication to protecting integrity and safeguarding athletes through independent, high-quality anti-doping programs has resulted in over 65 International Federations and Major Event Organisers entrusting their clean sport initiatives to the ITA since its founding in 2018. This significant demand for anti-doping expertise compliant with the World Anti-Doping Code, as well as a greater call for independence in anti-doping, has driven the continuous growth of the ITA, which was created to deliver high quality clean sport solutions to the global sports and anti-doping community. This expansion is evident in the ITA's 2023 operational data, demonstrating that the ITA continues to be a driving force in delivering the regulatory anti-doping framework established by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) through its comprehensive clean sport activities for its partners and remains the world’s largest operational anti-doping organisation.

In 2023, the ITA collected over 40,200 urine and blood samples from more than 15,200 athletes spanning over 185 countries. This represents an 8.6% increase in collected samples compared to 2022. Notably, 54% of these samples were obtained out-of-competition. Of the athletes tested by the ITA, 65% were male and 35% were female.

The ITA thoroughly investigated all Adverse Analytical Findings (AAFs) from its testing program, as well as non-analytical findings in cases where results management was delegated by its partners. Out of the 485 potential Anti-Doping Rule Violations (ADRVs), 168 led to sanctions, with 19 cases appealed or heard by a first-instance panel, while 119 are still under review. Additionally, 922 Whereabouts Failures (instances where athletes did not meet their obligation to provide timely or accurate whereabouts information for testing) were reviewed; 487 were recorded, 98 were referred to the respective National Anti-Doping Organisation (NADO) for results management, and 325 were not recorded after review.

The ITA supported over 50 organisations with their respective WADA compliance assessment procedures and managed all associated Code Compliance Questionnaires (CCQs) on behalf of its partners. For the latter, the ITA provided support in answering over 15,000 CCQ questions and resolved over 500 corrective actions. Compared with the last 2017 compliance procedure, ITA partners delegating their entire clean sport program to the ITA recorded 80% fewer corrective actions than before their program delegation to the ITA. Furthermore, it successfully assisted two of its partners – the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) and the International Ski Mountaineering Federation (ISMF) – through their WADA audit processes.

Leading the world’s largest Athlete Biological Passport (ABP) program, the ITA processed over 41,550 laboratory notifications (8.5% more than in 2022) and conducted almost 6,000 follow-up actions. The ITA’s ABP insights led to 2,310 additional test requests.

Over the course of 2023, 800 Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) applications were processed by the ITA on behalf of its partners, 577 of which were approved. The review of these applications was handled by the ITA’s International Therapeutic Use Exemptions Committee (ITUEC), consisting of 30 physicians from 19 nationalities covering 20 clinical specialties.

Dedicated to ensuring that athletes make the right choices when it comes to their physical and mental health and that its partners remain compliant with WADA’s International Standard for Education (ISE), the ITA’s Education Department ensured that the high demands of its partners in regard to anti-doping education were met. Next to supporting more than half of the ITA’s partners with the establishment and implementation of clean sport education plans, the ITA reached over 17,300 webinar attendees in 2023, 43% more than in 2022. It also conducted 66 on-site education activities at international events to educate athletes, athlete support personnel and other stakeholders on how to best protect themselves from doping, with the support of its network of ITA Education Ambassadors.

Aiming at harmonising knowledge and transferring best practices to anti-doping personnel worldwide, the ITA recorded almost 1,800 graduates from its training and certification programs since their respective inception: the IDCO Training & Certification Program (advanced doping control officer training aimed at preparing DCOs for missions at major events), the DCO Foundation Training (entry-level doping control officer course) and the International Clean Sport Educator (ISCE) Program.

The ITA's Intelligence & Investigations department recorded a 110% increase in reports of suspected doping cases or other related information received via the ITA's confidential reporting platform REVEAL compared to 2022.

“What we have achieved in the past year is yet again a testament to the tremendous effort of the ITA team, the unwavering trust of our partners, and the growing collaborations we have established within the anti-doping community and beyond, including science, academia, intelligence, and more,” says ITA Director General Benjamin Cohen. “The ITA has established itself as a truly independent international centre for anti-doping expertise for the protection of athletes and the integrity of sport. This achievement would not have been possible without the essential contributions of partners such as WADA, national and regional anti-doping agencies worldwide, and all our experts and ambassadors who work tirelessly with athletes or behind the scenes.

We recognise, however, that significant work remains, as outlined in the ITA’s Strategic Plan 2023-2026, of which 2023 was the first year of implementation. While our high operational volumes and growth are remarkable, we remain steadfast in our commitment to developing innovative approaches, tools, and internal processes that enhance efficiency, allowing us to focus on what truly matters: the athletes and the integrity of their sport. It is crucial to remain attuned to the specific needs and risks of each discipline, keeping this sensitivity at the forefront of our efforts.

The ITA will continue to develop and strengthen our initiatives to uphold the spirit of clean sport and the importance of independence in anti-doping, and we invite all relevant organisations to join us in this mission.”

Overall, 2023 was marked by improved financial health for the ITA, driven by increased operating revenues of CHF 26.3 million and a strong focus on cost management. These efforts allowed it to reduce its operating loss to approximately CHF 1.0 million. This loss, significantly lower than anticipated through financial forecasts, is covered by an allocated fund from the Olympic Movement that was put in place to support the ITA at its inception.

The ITA is constituted of over 100 anti-doping experts from over 30 countries in 2023. In June 2023, it celebrated its 5-year anniversary in the presence of high-level officials from public and sport authorities. The ITA continues to promote transparency in the worldwide fight against doping by publishing on its website full details of the scope of its partnerships with sport organisations, annual audited financial accounts, minutes of board meetings and many more information.



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ITA Communication Senior Manager
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About the ITA

The International Testing Agency (ITA) is an international organisation constituted as a not-for-profit foundation, based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Its mission is to manage anti-doping programs, independent from sporting or political powers, for International Federations (IFs), Major Event Organisers (MEOs) and all other anti-doping organisations requesting support.