Magyar Antidopping Csoport

Press Release

The Hungarian Anti-Doping Group (HUNADO) has been cleared of all suspicions and accusations by the McLaren Independent Investigation Team (MIIT) chaired by Professor Richard McLaren.

The Hungarian Anti-Doping Group (hereinafter: “HUNADO”) has been clarified by the report published on 4 June 2020 by the McLaren Independent Investigation Team, chaired by Professor Richard McLaren, an independent Canadian law professor who gained indefinite merit by investigating and publishing the Russian doping scandal (2016).

The investigation was based on the documentary “Lord of the Lifters” / “Herr der Heber” broadcast on 5 January 2020 by the German ARD Television, which focused on the International Weightlifting Federation but also contained malicious claims against HUNADO.

The McLaren report, in line with HUNADO's internal investigation launched immediately after the broadcast, did not reveal any irregularities in the operation of HUNADO. In fact, it described the operation of HUNADO impeccable and high-quality:

  • in the wake of the malicious rumors of HUNADO following the broadcast of the German documentary, the McLaren report states that the negative findings were the result of a mix of different information and have no basis whatsoever;
  • the Report states that HUNADO is not responsible for any possible abuses within the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF);
  • the Report particularly commends that HUNADO has acted in a highly cooperative manner with McLaren Bureau investigators throughout the investigation and has in all cases carried out its doping control activities in accordance with WADA standards;
  • there were no irregularities in the work of the 45 doping control officers of HUNADO, who were involved in the doping control of the most prestigious international sporting events, apart from weightlifting, (e.g. several summer Olympic Games), and have always carried out their job according to the rules;
  • finally, the Report highlights that the good reputation and professional work of HUNADO has been proven by hundreds of positive doping samples revealing hundreds of doping athletes worldwide.

The Hungarian Anti-Doping Group, on the basis of its own internal investigation and the findings of the McLaren report on the allegations against the organization, considers the case closed and does not plan any further action, and intends to continue its high level anti-doping work in the interest of clean athletes.

Budapest, 16 June 2020
Hungarian Anti-Doping Group