Magyar Antidopping Csoport


As we are all aware, in recent months, in order to protect the health of athletes and doping control staff, doping controls in Hungary have been temporarily suspended. However, in view of the Government Decree in force since 4 May 2020, on the retention of sporting events without spectators and on the possibility of starting organized trainings, the Hungarian National Anti-Doping Organization (HUNADO) has decided to continue its annual doping control program.

Doping controls begin with strict precautions: the established procedure has been developed in cooperation with the Austrian National Anti-Doping Organization, and the detailed rules for hygiene and health guarantees have been introduced under the control and professional approval of epidemiological experts, the EMMI State Secretariat for Sport and the Medical Committee of the Hungarian Olympic Committee (MOB).

Conducting doping controls

We would like to inform you that at this stage of the public health situation and the fight against the epidemic, doping controls will start announced in advance, as follows:

  1. Athletes to be tested will be contacted in advance by telephone and / or e-mail by HUNADO colleagues based on the contact details recorded in ADAMS;
  2. the date of sampling will be determined in consultation with the Athlete after a short data reconciliation on health conditions,
  3. after the data reconciliation, our staff member will send the details of the notification for sampling to the athlete's email address recorded in ADAMS, the e-mail sent in this way will be deemed to have been delivered 24 hours after sending.

Please be informed that sampling takes place in a designated sampling room in accordance with strict health and safety regulations. The primary location of the samples is: LifeLike Egészségügyi és Mozgásdiagnosztikai Központ (1138 Budapest, Latorca utca 02.).

Safety and hygiene provisions

Before entering the Sampling Room and during the whole sampling process, both Athletes and Doping Control Officers must comply with the strict COVID-19 Medical Protocol of HUNADO Sampling. The Doping Control Officers will provide further information on the protocol and precautions (keeping the required social distance, wearing a face mask, hand disinfection, use of a foot bag, etc.). Safety equipment is provided entirely for athletes by HUNADO.

Obligation to provide samples

We would like to inform you that the Athlete’s obligation to provide Samples remains unchanged, only the prior presentation of the appropriate epidemiological / medical certificate may justify an exception to this. Refusing to provide sample may constitute an anti-doping rule violation!

Thanking you for your cooperation and wishing you all good health:
Hungarian Anti-Doping Organization