Magyar Antidopping Csoport

10 January 2020 - How can a NADO be incriminated in the absence of specific evidence?

HUNADO deeply regrets that it has to defend itself against vague hints, suspicions and the generally worded story telling for old times’ sake of a Moldovan doctor in the broadcast of ADR television and in its twitter messages.

Let us draw the attention to the following facts:

  1. Dorian Balmus speaks in general and did not state that HUNADO Doping Control Officers took part in any sample manipulation. In the meantime ARD put Dorian Balmus’ statement in such context that it suggests that HUNADO Doping Controls Officers were involved in such manipulation.
  2. HUNADO requested the broadcasters to officially release factual evidence, if any, (including the testimony in original language) to WADA and HUNADO. To this day this has no happened. Therefore the accusations against HUANDO are currently mare speculations.

Internal investigation
Despite the above, HUNADO started its own internal investigation. It extends to all sample collection on Moldovan athletes where HUNADO acted as sample collection authority (SCA). Furthermore reviews all samples collected acting as sample collection authority for the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF), every doping control procedure including the controls performed on the 2015 Houston World Championships based on the cooperation agreement with the IWF. The investigation is carried out with the outmost care for transparency therefore every detail and result is provided to WADA.

The battle of David and Goliath
It is tragic and painful that we have to take up David and Goliath’s battle against the overwhelming power of the media and that the accusations against the IWF are automatically projected onto HUNADO.

HUNADO is an independent organization with numerous international contractual partners one of which is the IWF.

The result of such prejudice and blending of information leads to the undermining of the prestige and disability of a small national anti-doping organization despite the fact that this organization for the past 13 years served the sport world impeccably and never the slightest suspicion has risen on its doping control officers. HUNADO carried out doping controls on behalf of many International Sport Federations to their outmost satisfaction and not only on IWF events.

Our conscience is clean therefore we will fight to the bitter end for our truth.

Hungarian Anti-Doping Group