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European Youth Olympic Festival Győr 2017

Dear Friends,


Due to the discrepancy between information in the Medical and Anti-doping Manual (art 2.6) and the Chefs de Mission Manual /art. 8.7.2) regarding the TUE we wish to clarify this issue. The correct procedure is as follows below (in corrected article 2.6 of Medical and Anti-doping Manual). Please also note that we have postponed the deadline of sending us the TUEs from 23rduntil the 30th June.



Any athlete taking any medication and using methods that are listed in the WADA Prohibition List must send the TUE Application to their National Anti-Doping Authority at least 30 days prior to the competition. National TUE permits have to be approved by the TUE Committee of the European Olympic Committees, attaching the relevant medical documentation in English language. TUE must be sent to by 30 June 2017.


The approved TUE must be presented to the doping controllers in the course of the doping control procedure.

In the course of the competition there is a possibility of issuing instant TUE permits in exceptional medical cases, the assessment of TUE applications is being done by the Hungarian TUE Committee.

The necessary application form is found on HUNADO’s website: - “Request form – for TUE permit, in English” EYOF Győr 2017."


The corrected Medical and Anti-doping Manual (article above) will be posted at the NOC section soon and you will be dully noted about it.


Thank you for your understanding.


Best regards,


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European Youth Olympic Festival Győr 2017
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EYOF GYŐR 2017 Medical and Anti-Doping Handbook - 1st Edition
A Győri EYOF időtartama alatt a TUE (Gyógyászati célú mentesség) kérelmek elbírálásában a Magyar TUE Bizottság az illetékes.
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Kovács Melinda 

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